Project Description

Morris 1300GT

Mark says: “For a small car it was surprisingly large inside! With its 70bhp engine it really is a sports car”

Britain’s best-selling family car throughout the sixties, the BMC AD016 entered the market in 1962 and was produced until 1974, selling over two million cars.
During its twelve years in production, it saw a number of models with different names including the Austin 1100, Morris 1100 and the final Austin 1300. Originally introduced as the Morris, it was rebadged a number of times, but the Austin and Vanden Plas were the last remaining models by 1974.

The Hydrolastic suspension set the original Mark I, the four-door 1100 apart from its contemporaries as a spacious and smooth ride. Four-speed transmission was added in 1965, and a more powerful 1275cc engine in 1967, with the release of the Mark II.

With some details added to a wider front grille in 1967, the Morris and Austin could be distinguished by the Austin’s wavy bars and the Morris’ straight ones.
In 1969, the 1300GT was produced with the same 1275cc twin carburettor engine as the MG 1300, as well as a black grille and vinyl roof. 1971 saw the release of the last model, the Mark III, which was produced until 1974.

The Car

Increasingly rare – one of only around 30 left. This car was bought in excellent condition with only 34’000 miles on the clock which look to be genuine. With the other small cars I run this is one of my favourites.

The other cars are cute and small, but at 6 foot tall can make for painful driving. Where as this has a better suited suspension for our poorly maintained roads and the inside is surprisingly spacey and well up to take the grand kids for a run and still have the driving seat where it needs to be.

And out of all the vehicles in the collection and what I’ve owned over 40 years, it’s surprising how many people ask if this car is for sale! So must be a wanted car.