Project Description

Mitsubishi Delica, 3l Active Field Edition

Markie Says: “The go anywhere Armageddon car – is it a car, van, people carrier or camper. I’ve said I’ll keep this until I stop driving”

Is it a car, is it a van, is it a camper or is it a people carrier?

Theres no straight answer – it’s all of those put together and people use them for different things.

These are used all over the world, popular for off roading, carrying the family, throwing stuff in it, carrying animals, camping and just driving. They come in different specs.

This one is a V6 3 litre petrol automatic 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. It’s a 7 seater, 2 in the front, 2 behind the driver and 3 can sit in the back seats. All the seats fold flat so you can make a big bed but its a bit bumpy, or the rear seats fold up making a big carrying area, the front passenger seat fold and move to leave a very big floor big enough to sleep 2 and the passenger seat turn around to sit and stretch your legs or have a nice picnic with the kids or just sit and read in piece.

The rear windows are Blacked out, theres factory fitted curtains all round making a nice private tent. In the roof are crystallite windows the full length with an electric curtain when needed and in the front a sun roof. Imagine touring the alps and watching the mountains go by. The suspension can be stiffened by the push of a button making on road and off riding a pleasure. It’s a bit of a climb as the ride height is high meaning you see so much more.

It’s not fast, infact its very slow for a V6 3 litre but it keeps up with traffic no problem and it does like a heavy foot when needed. But it’s happy at 30-40mph sticking to speed limits, it just means you tend to drive slower and take more of the surroundings in. Take it off road and it’s very capable, some jack them up and travel around deserts and jungles living out of them for weeks! The only down side is I’ve never seen more than 21 miles per gallon! So this is for Sunday best.

Japanese imported

This model didn’t come to the Uk the models before and after did and by all accounts depending on who you believe this model and year and engine was the best. I’ve know a man who had 200K on one and drove perfect! Id been looking for one in the UK for a year. There’s plenty of dealers importing them but the lowest mileage I saw was 50K+. I wanted a nearly new one so held out and paid a Japanese/Uk company to hunt for one in Japan. Daily I was sent photos of Delicas in the spec I wanted but were all around 50K miles. Then one day one at 28K – wow I said I’ll pay this amount and I waited. The next day I asked did I get it and the answer was ‘no the dealers went mad for it’. Oh well win some loose some.

I had no idea what was happening, I asked questions but I just didn’t get it. Then I saw a show with Mike Brewer ex Vespa owner, he went to Japan and showed auction houses the same as movie houses with rows of seats with computer banks and the screen for the next car. Cars were selling in 20 seconds, you just kept pressing a button to your limit – well now I knew what had happened to me. This company were finding cars for their customers and bidding to what the customer said. A few weeks later this car popped up and only had 20K on it, with one owner! I bid the same amount as last time not expecting to get it and low and behold I won! Not only did I win but paid 4K less than I’d bid! Well worth the searching fees and the service was excellent.

Then the wait – about 3 months in total. I had to pay shipping and vat and import and papers – oh it went on and on, those hidden fees I didn’t expect. When it landed at the docks it was collected and I paid the Uk company to put it on the road, with MOT, total full service, drive belts, pulleys and the things you’re supposed to do along with speedo into miles and rear fog light. Any way it was all done ready, but it cost a fortune and then delivery – more bills! I had set a price in my mind from day one and it came in very close even with the unknows!

Whats it for?

There really isn’t really a vehicle like it, those who’s had one has fond memories. I wish I’d had it when I was travelling the country racing Kayaks, it would have been perfect. These are a rare vehicle, the older ones in the Uk were rot boxes, thats why I had this one undersealed and wax oiled inside the doors, floors and in the hidden parts where our lovely weather gets too. This is mint – not a scratch – possibly a keeper! Apart from the poor miles to the gallon it’s great just what I wanted and as it’s a 4WD it may come in handy. To get out of our village which is in a valley we sometimes we get flooded or snowed in and then theres the farm which is up a hill.

Then what happened as it arrived? E10 fuel was introduced, argh even worse to the gallon but after some research this runs on E10, and no E5 to be found! Luckily we have it at our local. And then what happened? Out of Covid and the price per gallon shot up! Thats partly why it’s not my daily driver and now the Sunday best.

With the 7 seats, it seats our grandkids and their gear and we’ve had some good days out exploring playing fields, camping, caves, shows and breakfast meets or just going for an ice cream – it’s those days which makes the long wait and money totally worth while and it fits into everything about this site – those memories!