Project Description

Fiat 126 BIS

Markie Says: “It’s tiny and doesn’t have much street cred, but it’s fun”

You won’t be getting a speeding ticket in it!

This RHD UK Fiat 126 BIS came into the collection to sit with our mint 1960’s UK Fiat 500. The BIS is in fantastic condition, at the time of buying had only 8000 miles from new – but with 10 owners! I can only think it had been strapped to a few camper vans from new as it’s all wired up for it. Now very rare especially in this condition.

It’s so small it’s easy to drive into the shops double doors and I use the shop as it’s garage.

These things are tiny and I mean tiny, there’s only enough room for very small grandchildren in the back, who love it as they can see out of the window and notice things they don’t see in mums 4×4!

We love taking this out, it runs and rides so nice – well allowing for the pathetic road system in the UK. But it’s small enough to weave around the pot holes and squeeze between the speed humps, parking is a doddle and is perfect in a city or town.

Its quick enough for todays traffic and sits fine at 65mph on a motorway!

You won’t be getting a speeding ticket in it, but once it’s going it’s a quick little car with good road holding.

It’s another car that puts a smile on mine and Alice’s face as we drive around, not only that – it brings smiles, thumbs up and honks when people see it. It’s basically just big enough to put a picnic in for our regular Wednesday date nights.

You would think this is a one off at this mileage – I’ve come across one at 4000 miles, but was too late making an offer!

This is no longer in our collection.