Project Description

Morris Minor Traveller

Markie Says: “What a classic small practical car”

A previous obsession of mine

The last car my Nanna drove me in was a Morris Minor van in the late 1970’s – so I bought a van. Then I found out my mums first 3 cars were Morris Minor Travellers – so I bought one of those – memories! Along with the Pickup I must have had an obsession of Morris Minors at the time.

I did start looking at all the models, but gave up. These are so easy to work on, providing they haven’t rotted away over the years. I’m lucky all mine are perfect with no welding.

Okay they have their quirks but are easy to repair and find parts – parts are another story the quality of some of the remade parts are worse than Indian made Lambretta parts we have nothing to do with in the shop. How I could help the vintage motor industry with remade perfect manufactured parts.

This Traveller or the Woody as some call them, was restored by Charles Ware some 25 years ago and up graded, its not a show winner but a good solid drive-able old car.

If I only ever get to drive one car and it does something nice for my memory or the grand kids memory, I and the car have done what it should do.

The last time I drove this car before it was put in the collection was to watch the last flight of the Vulcan!

We took Bella our Granddaughter for a picnic by the canal, then drove off to the highest hill to watch the Vulcan take off from Doncaster airport and it flew straight over our heads………… one of those memories!