Hiring Out

Not something I’ve had time for but never say never with our small interesting collection.

But I have been involved in making TV advert with Lambrettas.


We had the VW twin cab ready for the daughters wedding but covid stopped that – delayed a year or so!

The VW never got finished but as a surprise when the wedding was eventually re arranged I took Dan and Harry to the wedding in the Fiat 500 – a bit of a squeeze! When Harry saw it all ready to go he shouted ‘Dad you’ll never fit in that!’


Restoration – it’s what I do. Parts come to me from all over the world. Even when I try to turn work away they beg me and even offer well over the odds to do it. I’m never quiet, theres always something to do. The more we do the more tools we buy and were getting quite good at doing every thing in house.


We’re now mainly all Lambretta, this keeps the employees in a job. I will turn my hand to anything, but its mainly Lambretta work as the demand for our services is so big, but I do like to fit other projects in if it interests me.