Project Description

Fiat 500 F

Markie Says: “The classic Italian little cute car and right hand drive”

Classic Fiat 500F RHD

Everyone knows this little classic car – the Fiat 500. This is a right hand drive UK F model with the speedo in the middle of the dash board. I have vague memories going off in what I thought was a Fiat 500 with mum and dad and sister, loaded up with Kayaks on the roof going off to a Kayak race meeting and a camping weekend. Memory didn’t serve me too well it was a slightly bigger Fiat 600!

Doh, oh well I found this beauty in London. It had been restored by a well known supplier of new Fiat parts, the owner had a little Italian man working in London do the restoration. Been a car from a supplier of parts it lacked in nothing, disc brake conversion, new carb, exhaust, well everything. I wouldn’t say it’s a concours I’m not into them. This is a driveable car you can leave somewhere and providing no one nicks it, it will keep going.

As with all my other cute cars this is the tops along with the Fiat 126 Bis. The 500 is even smaller than the 126! We’ve had a few drives out – everyone loves it and of course people stop look and some wave. It puts such a smile on our faces seeing people smiling. People, mainly wives who are in the shop jump in for a photo!

If your not to fat these are a practical car for a drive around. Definitely an easy car to park! With 18 horse power your not heading for many speeding tickets and will sit at 50-60mph on country roads once you’ve wound it up.

I think it’s Alices favourite but she didn’t like the 126 to start with now think thats her favourite – who knows she a woman!

We used this one for Nat and Dans wedding, I drove Dan and middle son Harry to the wedding reception – the long way round – job done!

This is no longer in our collection.