Lambretta Li Series 1

Always an interesting story........ I saw this Lambretta on ebay. It was described as in Italy but could be deliver to the UK. Umm I thought, maybe a scammer. No one had put a bid on it. The description was [...]


Lambretta Lambro 550

I'm not into flying to countries on business. I'll quite happily drive thousands of miles on my motorbike and call in at a few businesses just to say hello and put a name to a face. But once upon a [...]


Lambretta Avanti Kelvinator

Years ago when we were bringing in the odd container of Indian imported Scooters we saw this one. Having never seen one before we thought we'd get it in for a laugh. What an ugly thing it was, the headset [...]


Lambretta Spanish Wide style

A trade customer and his wife came touring the UK from the USA. Of course we had to show our hospitality as they had with us in Las Vegas bringing 2 Lambrettas for us to ride! That was the best [...]

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