Project Description

Here I’m showing a Villiers 2t 2 stroke 250 engine side cover thats been restored by using various methods to get a new cast look and feel as it may have left the factory.

Once stripped it’s got to be de greased we use a very big 350L ultra sonic cleaner – this removes the oily grease and grime. Once cleaned it’s washed off with a water jet.

Next it’s dried in our oven to remove any degreaser and water before it’s put in our dry bead blast machine – to clean, lightly pepper the surface to remove any staining and give it a uniformed dull look.

From here it’s moved to our Aqua blast machine, which semi polishes the bead blasted surface to get a satin shine.

Again washed off with water and dried and any threads washed out.

Brings it back to a nice new casting ready to fit in a Dayton Albatross which used the Villiers twin engine.