Project Description

Theres various ways to clean parts. Some good – some bad. Some easy to do and some not so easy to do.

All this depends on what equipment you have to do the job. We’ve all used petrol, diesel, degreaser and thinners – non of this is very safe and it’s gets everywhere and makes you stink. How many times have you blocked your wire brush with grease trying to get that baked on grunge off?

We like to think we are professionals at restoration, cleaning and refinishing casings to get them back to original or better than original look. To do this we’ve invested many thousands in machines to get that desired look.

Here is a Villiers 2t main engine casing that was untouched from new with only 10’000 miles on the clock – but it was 60 years old and the side cover says mix at 20:1 no wonder the casing was cocked up in thick carbon and of course the seals had gone thats why the engine was stripped in the first place.

Again, ultra sonic cleaned, washed, dried, dry bead blasted, Aqua blasted, washed and dried and better than new!

Photos show a cleaned set of casings then the finished product.