Project Description

BSA B40WD casing repaired

Markie Says: “Falling off a bike comes to everyone of us, even the professionals”

Looks like a Army dispatch rider took a fall and the foot peg went through the casing

BSA B40WD casing repaired

It seems to be a common problem, if you drop a heavy BSA army bike the solid steel pegs can bend and go through the casing.

This one had been repaired as usual by someone who shouldn’t be allowed to try and repair things they are not capable of. It was badly welded and filled with araldite! It all had to be ground out to find clean metal then TIG welded – but this didn’t go all to plan.

I don’t know what they had used to weld it in the past but it was in the alloy, the more you tried to weld it the harder is was to weld. But with a lot of experience and skill I managed it.

After lots of built up welding, it’s all got to be ground down and shaped and blended to hide the weld. As with some welding on alloy – this finds holes, which have to be drill away or ground out to go and re weld it. This had to happen 3 times – monotonous sometimes!

Once happy, the side casing was onto the polishing wheel to polish it, then cut back with a fine plastic pad to dull it off to look 60’s period and not custom.