Hiya Mark,

Just a quick note to give you an update on the 230cc kit you did for our lad Micky who works for us.

He completed the engine the night before we were due to depart and it was with some trepidation that we set off especially considering he had to cover the trip with a tuned iron barrel.

He needn’t have worried: other than changing an inlet rubber stub for the carb in France, the whole show was absolutely perfect.

Okay, he was with us (me on a standard Vega, and two friends on a GP150 and an Sx200) so he had the chance to run in the scooter properly at our “speeds”, but once he had 500 – 600 miles under his belt, he’d blast off into the distance every now and then to free things up (and to relieve the bordem?).

He had fitted a newly restored original Smiths chronometric speedo and near Caen he managed to break it by putting the bike flat out on a straight run. It’s a 90mph speedo and the needle remained stuck there – at 90mph. Go figure that one!

The bike got there, did the IOW, and returned all without so much as a hiccup. Over 3600km’s on a freshly built 230cc Lambretta with no probs is quite something.

Whilst part of this credit goes to the lad himself (20 years old and it’s his first Lambretta) as he built the whole scooter, it certainly is an advert for your work. The work on the barrel kit and the MB crank were impeccable.

As Micky managed to also fall off, just 100km’s from home, last weekend he had some of the bodywork off to get re-painted. Whilst he was there, he decided to strip the top end down to have a look and see at the whole show. Guess what? It’s still like new.

Well done and many thanks. Micky has asked me to thank you as he doesn’t speak English. People say that MB, like us at RLC, are expensive BUT with the parts you supplied him, the proof is that you get what you pay for. How many other dealers could have supplied parts like that for him to go trotting off around Europe – TROUBLE FREE? Not many I reckon is the answer.