Im back, have you missed me – Facebook shut me down September 2022?

For those that know me theres no need for an introduction. For those that don’t know – Im the Managing Director of MB Scooters Ltd based in Doncaster specialising in Lambretta geared Scooters and the odd geared Vespa!

I’ve been working on and developing Lambretta Scooters for 42 years. 

To date I’ve tuned over 2100 cylinder kits. 

I’ve lost count how many one of parts I’ve made or developed or engines I’ve rebuilt or repaired or bikes I’ve built or repaired.

For those that know, I’ve been on Facebook a long time and have used it to show off my restoration, tuning, engineering repairs, new products and Ive even been known to write the odd interesting article or just a plain old rant.

In June for no reason, all I did was answer a question and I was shut down loosing my 6000 friends. 

Not only did I loose my friends but thousands of hours of writing, hundreds of photos and hundreds of new products! All gone and lost!

The point of this is to say I’m back with a new account and looking to find my friends old and new and be prepared I’ve loads of new products to show and loads of engineering to tempt you with!

I don’t use FB personally, it’s only work to show off what we do and sell.

If you’re interested in any thing I’ve been talking about then give me a friends request. If you want to plug Northern Soul, Scomadis, Royal Alloys or any other modern Scooter or fancy dress – don’t bother I’m not interested and don’t do anything for them – we’re strictly geared Lambrettas and old vintage, Scooters, cars and bikes. 

Anyone taking the piss, slagging us off, threatening me or my work force, threatening to rape my wife or burn down my house and business – theres a little button to press to get rid of these people! Business is hard enough without coming up against a lot of the idiots involved in Scootering, it’s less stressful to get rid and clear people from my account.

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