You’ve got to love these beauties.

These are both some of my Grand parents buses taken in Hexthorpe Doncaster.

I always remebered this Black and White picture and I’ve been hunting it down for a year, Im sure I have it somewhere but can’t find it. Its a most fantastic looking bus and never knew what it was until I found the post card on eBay. Its a 1960 Duple “Super Vega”-bodied Bedford SB1 coach, now long gone! My Grandad used to swap that number around on some of his buses.

I’ve even been hunting down a smaller version mini bus with a similar design to buy and lost out twice on two as they are so rare!

The Double Decker is an Ex London Transport Red bus and is parked outside my old infant School field and parked with our old house behind it and the yard and workshops. This was shot in the 1970’s.

I remember that week this picture was taken, me and my sister jumped on the open platform running up and down the stairs dinging the bells. Our head master came out and gave us a blocking as we were grassed up by one of the kids! My Nanna came out and gave us an another blocking!

Directly over the road hidden out of shot was a row of terraced houses – if you remember ITV wrestling on a Saturday afternoon in the 70’s you will remember Mick McManus, he lived opposite and down the road Catweasel lived. And it was Catweasels son who first broke my nose when I ran round a corner and head butted my nose on his forehead and knocked me out.
When I was a bus mechanic I never thought I’d end up liking buses and wanting one in the collection – oh how times change!

I’ve had these post cards blown up and put on a big canvas and are now part of our shop displays.

Those memories!