Project Description

Lambretta Gp200

Markie Says: “A fantastic advert for our trade webshop”

Lambretta Gp200 Trade Spares

We built this Lambretta for one of our old employees Mouse who built it as his own 50th birthday present.

As with all our restorations it was built correctly using all upgraded MB parts.

The bike before it was customised was used to develop our old SIL 200 factory tunes which lead into our MB Race-Tour cylinders.

Theres lots of hidden MB extras, wolf in sheeps clothing – check out the Mb original twin tanks.

We did this when we were still MB Developments – how times change. We’re still using this logo that I designed many years ago.

Our age old clutch lever conversion, a 2 finger affair to pull in the clutch. With TZR grips that we now make and our old matching bar ends.

The start of the Race – Tour 225/230 kits, originally we did 190, 195, 200, 210, 220, 225, 230, 240 and 250 kits each one was a one off.

A bike to help spread our trade sales business which is still going today.

It was a show case for our product ranges at the time bgm, schwalbe and MB Products.

The original and the best the first out board disc put into production with a speedo drive – now often copied.

A development of our plastic Turbo flywheel cowls, still on to day and no issues.

MB Lambretta logos of the time.