Project Description

Honda Acty 660 1993

Markie Says: “What a fine usable little van – with the cute factor”

Another cute little vehicle

Imported from Japan where the roads are good and no road salt. I got this one as it fills so many gaps other vehicles can’t do. It’s only a 660 3 cylinder petrol engine and less than 40 bhp! But it’s a Honda and runs like a sewing machine and wants to buzz away all day and will do 70mph if I wanted.

Yes its small but towers over the two Fiats that is in the collection. This comes with a 5 speed gearbox and why I got it – 4 wheel drive, which kicks in when a tyre spins. With its drop sides it’s perfect to do the farm food run and drive up the green lane to the farm buildings and unload, then it will drive up the hill and around and back again without a wheel spin even in winter. Something the kids love doing chasing the dog around the field.

It’s a bit cramped in the cab, but it’s not made for Europeans, this model never came to the UK the Mk1 version did. Again another nice old cute vehicle – people stop and stare, I’ve had people hanging out of the their car window whilst driving shouting with thumbs up. I’ve even had someone stop and hold up the traffic to try and buy it off me! Why – it’s that Sooty thing! Not really why I bought it, but a good connection – people do say it reminds me of the Sooty van!

This is reasonably low mileage at 50K, the underside is as good as it is on top with no rust at all.

I’ve done a few little jobs. Swapped tyres, powder coated the wheels and some engine covers. I’ve rubber coated the rear bed and made a cover to help it from the English weather and generally given it a bit of a clean in areas and made it look like new.

Even gets a Scooter in the back so work and farm are covered.