Project Description

Austin 8 CWT Pick up

Markie Says: “The bad ass of Morris pickups”

The Big Daddy!

Everyone knows these as Morris Minors. This is badged as an Austin Pickup – basically the same but badged different. This is the heavy weight version at 8 CWT the big daddy! But they are not that big, I can’t get a Scooter in the back easily, only with the tailgate down. A personal favourite of mine it looks the business and people stop to watch it go by. This has its original 1098 engine, which is not that fast but shows 70mph on the speedo and goes round corners like its on rails with the wider wheels and soft grip mud and snow tyres.

I bought it so called restored from a retired welder. He spent thousands on it. With me its about getting things as good as you can, not 80% finished and its okay! It’s all in the details, not the anorak details but details of no rock in a brake or clutch pedal, so I made bushes for it. The lights kept blowing and had to trace earths that were put to power! I spent 6 months going through it so it was right.

It starts, it drives and it’s a pleasure to squeeze into, all those niggly little rattles have gone. With low 40’000 miles and lots of new parts it’s as good as new and could be run as a yearly all rounder – but I’ve never driven it in the rain.

Yes it’s noisy and its a Minor and has it’s quirks but it’s rare, you hardly see these anymore. And the older guys I know say they were rare in their time.

As with all my pickups, it’s handy for the farm food run, handy for a break down collection and its handy for a picnic. The Burgundy paint, chrome and Black wheels makes heads turn. Okay it’s not concourse – but it’s a nice useable vehicle – but I can’t get the Grand kids in it.