Project Description

Suzuki TS185 ERN

Markie Says: “It’s back to those 2 stroke pistons again or is it the off road look!”

Suzuki TS185 ERN

I’ve lost count of how many Suzuki Ts185 pistons I’ve used in a Lambretta tune – it’s well in the hundreds. I’ve used genuine and many of the different pattern pistons that have been available. It must have been a popular bike in the day as so many manufacturers made them. I even found a pattern cheap piston from a supplier that costs £4! I used them all up and never had a problem with them either!

I’ve used other pistons from the TS range, the 250 was a popular one making a nice 225/230 kit but that piston used a 18mm gudgeon pin where as the Lambretta and Suzuki 185 used a 16mm pin. This caused problems as older Scooter tuners used piston bushes which eventually blew up! On the other hand I thought out of the box and found con rod conversions to suit the piston and never looked back. Now it’s an old Skool conversion but the pistons were good in genuine and pattern. I never did get a TS250 for the collection, I realised it was impossible to buy all the bikes, jet skis and snow mobiles that I’d used pistons in Lambrettas.

Again the same as my other off road/on roaders, I just love the style – timeless classics that you once used to see regularly on the road and still a bike you could ride daily.

This one I found which had been in a barn since 1983 and is mint with low miles a nice bike for the colection.

This is now no longer in our collection.