Project Description

DMW Deemster 250 Police 1967

Markie Says: “This really is an odd one, a Police Scooter made in England”

DMW Deemster 250 Police Scooter

Another rare bike that came to me from the crack pot that is Rob Skipsey. What is it with that man, I’m always buying something off him, then sometimes he buys it back again! He knew I was building the collection for the shop. On one of his visits he brought this Deemster – and what a quirky thing it is.

They didn’t make many of these, 32 from memory and around 20 have survived. There was various styles, some with one head light and one with 2 headlights like this. Engines changed from a Villiers single cylinder to this one which is a Velocette horizontal twin 2 stroke believed to have been made for a hovercraft but didn’t have enough power so was sold for Scooters.

The bodywork is heavy fibreglass and the side panels look like a copy of a Lambretta early Series 1/2, it’s why I bought it to show something weird in the collection. It’s all original and even has it’s Police radio and lights.

There’s loads of paper work for this and it lists the 2 Police Sergeants who used it.

As with most things it needs looking at, but I never find the time. I did find time to buy some period Police clothing in case I ride it – which is my aim – one day.