Project Description

A collector of vintage vehicles wouldn’t be a collector of vintage vehicles without the odd petrol can. It’s comes with the obsession. It’s all connected and these pressed pieces of tin gives you a memory.

For me it’s the memories of my Grandads garage and work shops. He would say go and put a quart of oil in the AEC or Routemaster. I would get a can, fill it with oil out of the 45 gallon drum, I would climb up the wheels, open the lid and pour the oil in a hole – I had no idea what a quart was let alone where engine oil went.

And he always had dirty smelly old diesel pumps in the yard – it’s still about memories!

Oh and the time you ran out of petrol and had a long walk to buy a can to get some petrol to get going again.

There’s something about cans and bottles and all the different shapes and all the different manufacturers that’s long gone.

And some of this memorabilia costs a fortune.