So what is Scooter tuning

This article was done first for Scootering magazine many years ago. Mark and MB have come on a long way since then. At the time we only had 2-3 employees we worked out of only one Industrial unit and the [...]


Stress stress stress and how to deal with

An old story as we were doing the new shop. A visit to a boot makers and a walk in the snow too destress. Ok the stress has been building for a few months, I know I'm going to be [...]


Article about our BMW in a bike magazine

This was an old article for a motorcycle magazine early on in our BMW GS life ...... We were accused of finally loosing it by a customer this week when we sent our first news letter and he clicked on [...]


Country File cock up

Did anyone watch Country file last night, I must be getting old it's my favourite program of the week, it combines my love of the outdoors, tech clothing and lots of aspects of getting away from it. Well last night [...]


The idiot abroad – MrBee

You must have seen it, Carl Perkins the Idiot abroad, it had me and Alice in stitches along with the guys in the pub. We have seen some of these things on our travels but the guys just enjoyed watching, [...]


Your knackered now mi lad – give me your licence

When your driving through Norway on the big bike. It’s at that point when you hear 'nee-narr-nee-narr' and you look in the mirror to see a Black unmarked car with flashing Blue lights in the radiator grille on the wrong [...]


Fun things touring Germany on a bike!

So its been a long summer at work with months from my last break. I'd worked through as many jobs as possible to keep as many customers happy and back on the road. Sometimes the odd job slips through the [...]

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